Here are 5 Reasons why companies do not see value in team building activities for their employees…

Lack of Understanding of Benefits: Decision makers and team leaders often fail to grasp the advantages of team building activities and interventions for team development. These benefits include improved communication and collaboration among employees, which are essential for high performance. Without understanding these benefits, decision makers may be reluctant to invest resources in such activities.

Cost: The cost of team building activities can be a concern for some companies. However, when considering the cost, it is important to put it into perspective. The average full-time employee in the UK earns £33,000 per year, which amounts to approximately £135 per day. Investing in team building activities, which can cost as little as £50 per person, is a small additional investment compared to the overall salary expenditure. Moreover, such investments not only enhance productivity but also create a more enjoyable workplace and reduce staff turnover, resulting in significant cost savings.

Limited Time: Companies often prioritize urgent business activities and may not have sufficient time for team building. However, dedicating time to team building in the short term can yield long-term benefits. A team that works more effectively together can achieve more over the course of a year. Even a slight improvement in efficiency, such as 5%, can save valuable time equivalent to over two weeks in a single year.

Lack of Engagement: Some employees may lack interest in team building activities, reducing their effectiveness. However, professional team building companies have developed engaging experiences to maximize participant involvement. By asking the right questions and selecting the right provider, companies can ensure that their team building activities are engaging and not seen as cheesy or irrelevant.

Inadequate Planning: Poor planning and execution of team building activities can diminish their value for the company. It is crucial for team building providers to understand the goals and needs of the team and integrate the activities into a broader event or training experience. Thorough preparation and appropriate staffing on the event day are essential for a smooth execution. Companies should choose a team building provider based on recommendations, independent reviews, and the provider’s ability to consistently deliver high-quality events.

By addressing these factors, companies can overcome the barriers to team building and unlock the potential benefits, including improved performance, cost savings, time efficiency, and increased engagement among employees.

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Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 12 March, 2024

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