A productive team is an engaged team. Because of that, employee engagement is one of the most important responsibilities leaders have. But that does not mean it’s easy! We are living in a time when we can’t bring people together to boost morale as seamlessly as before, so finding unique ways to drive engagement (and, in turn, job satisfaction) is more difficult than it’s ever been before. In this post, we’ll dive into how engagement impacts teams and individual employees, then share some amazing resources available to help you and your team.

Building Team Relationships

As an employee, engagement in your work and engagement among your teammates, as an employee, are both vital to how you feel about your job as a whole. If you have an employee engaged in their individual work, but not with the wider team, that is going to cause issues for the bottom line. Lack of team engagement impacts a team’s ability to communicate well, trust each other, and work as a united front – all key contributors to your team’s success (or lack thereof).

Your team cannot reach new heights if they don’t know how to lean on each other. This starts with engagement. One of the benefits of a team is having a mix of many people with varying backgrounds, skills, and problem-solving methods. If your team is not comfortable reaching out to each other when they need help, or gaining guidance from an expert on the team, you will absolutely be held back. Effective team building engages your employees in the team and gets them excited to be united. Once that happens, they begin to want to work with each other because they understand the value. If your team tends to avoid leaning on each other, or you have individuals that prefer to go all day without working with teammates, that could be a signal you need to create a relationship building plan for your employees.

Individual Employee Engagement

As mentioned, an effective team consists of employees that are engaged in both their individual work as well as with the team. You can have an employee who does not like their day-today responsibilities who is fully engaged with the team, happily helping their teammates when needed. This potentially sounds counterintuitive, but makes more sense when we dissect it. Enjoying the people around you can absolutely be someone’s motivator to keep coming back to work – they may be a people-person that gains fulfilment from helping others. However, if that individual doesn’t see the benefit of helping themselves it will eventually weigh on them. These employees are tough as you can’t always spot their lack of engagement, given their team involvement, but it’s important to get these employees talking about their own professional goals and aspirations to coach them toward those ambitions. If they come to work to simply to spend time with their teammates, their own development could be on the backburner and, eventually, that is going to start to impact their mindset.

Engagement Leads to Development

Employees and teams that are engaged in their work are aligned with the company goals. If employees within a team are all rallying together to reach goals and scale their work, they are demonstrating that they are on board with the company vision and want to be a part of it. This is what a high-performing team looks like. The performance is a side-effect of engagement. An engaged team and employee want to continue to develop because they recognise how it will impact their career, the team and the business. That is what you want: employees and a team that are excited and motivated toward constant improvement. Now, let’s discuss how to get there.

Engaging Your People

Blue Hat Teambuilding has countless resources available to boost team and employee engagement virtually! Blue Hat have effective results-driven activities that can be delivered world-wide, whenever its convenient for you. From team building resources centred around fostering open-communication, team games to help employees improve how they work together, and even help for individual employee engagement. Blue Hat takes their time to understand the unique needs of your team, then they build a unique engagement strategy around your specific needs. Lean on their expertise to help create a high-performing team, with employees engaged in their work, the team’s work, and the company vision.

Driving engagement in a challenging environment can be intimidating when you are trying to approach it by yourself, especially given how immensely important engagement is to your team’s success. Blue Hat Teambuilding is here to help take the pressure off– all you need to do is start the conversation. It’s time to take your team to the next level!

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Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 12 April, 2021

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