As remote work continues to be a normal part of our working lives, keeping teams engaged and connected can be a challenge and virtual team building activities are great way to stay connected and engaged. In-person team building activities are not always possible, but that doesn’t mean team building has to be put on hold. Virtual team building activities can be just as effective in bringing team members together and boosting morale.

One such activity is Mission Energise, a high voltage virtual session that includes a series of fun challenges designed to energize your team. The activity includes a blend of challenges tailored to your team’s needs and objectives, such as Human Bingo, a scavenger hunt, brain teasers, photo challenges, and much more. The experience is led by a professional live host who will entertain your team and guide the participants through the whole experience.

Mission Energise is a great way to facilitate positive team bonding and high-energy engagement. Whether you have a new team that needs to get to know each other better, or an existing team that needs to connect better, this virtual team building activity is sure to do the trick. The experience can even be personalized to your company’s branding and vision.

Another virtual team building activity that can help is the Wellbeing Wake Up activity. This 90-minute activity gives your team the opportunity to learn physical and mental techniques to combat feelings of listlessness and irritability. The activity is engaging and fun, as it also teaches techniques that can be practiced regularly to improve overall wellbeing.

Virtual team building activities like Mission Energise and Wellbeing Wake Up are just two examples of the many ways teams can stay connected and engaged while working remotely. By taking the time to invest in team building, organizations can improve communication, collaboration and overall team morale.

Here are a few more virtual team building activities of ours that can help energize your team:

  1. Virtual Escape Room: Just like a physical escape room, a virtual escape room challenges teams to solve puzzles and escape before time runs out. It’s a fun way to get teams working together and using problem-solving skills.
  2. Festival Gatecrash: Calling all escape room challengers & festival lovers, Festival Gatecrash combines the best of both worlds!
  3. Our Survey Says: he live family fortunes gameshow experience is guaranteed to give your team an entertaining and uplifting experience every time!
  4. Virtual Pub Quiz: Our fully hosted virtual pub quiz, gives your teammates a chance to socialise, wherever they are based. Each player receives a gift box full of snacks, drinks and quiz surprises!

Virtual team building activities don’t have to be complicated or expensive. With a little creativity  you can find ways to keep your team engaged and connected even while working remotely. By investing in team building activities, you’ll create a stronger team, better equipped to tackle challenges that come their way.

Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 7 April, 2023

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