*EARLY BIRD CHRISTMAS OFFER*  –  All Christmas party bookings for December that are confirmed by the end of October, will receive a complimentary seat for every 10 booked!

Reward your team with the ultimate office Christmas Party this year!

So you’ve probably decided a virtual event will be more convenient and inclusive this year for all of your team, and now you’re on the lookout for a great activity organiser to bring your vision to life.

Not sure where to start? First, make sure you download our free No.1 Office Christmas Party Checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything in the planning process!

Secondly, we are here for you! Let us take the stress out of organising the most anticipated event of the year!

Blue Hat will wrap up your end of year celebrations nicely with a popular range of festive activities where your co-workers can get together, have a great time and even build better relationships. In our 21 years of experience we’ve organised thousands of events, and in the last year alone have been awarded ‘Best Team Building Company’ by three different awarding bodies!

PLUS… if you confirm your December booking before the end of October, you’ll receive a complimentary seat for every 10 booked!

So don’t bust a bauble over planning your office Christmas party! Simply choose from our range of Christmas virtual events for a magical and merry 2021 corporate Christmas party.

1.) The Frozen Compass

The evil witch Hagatha Greywater vowed to end all travel in the world! Now it’s a race against the clock to solve the riddles and challenges to reveal clues to the magic that will create the frozen compass to thaw, allowing the world to travel once again!

2.) Festive Day at the Races

Join our Host along with our Bookie for your very own Virtual Festive Day at the Races. Whether a small group playing as individuals or a large group split into syndicates, this activity will provide a fun-filled, engaging experience for all. Prepare by donning your attire as a race goer, then get set to race!

3.) Hoo Stole Christmas?

The North Pole is in chaos, Santa is missing, elves have stopped working and the reindeer are nowhere to be seen! Journey across the wreckage at the North Pole to discover who stole Santa and restore the magic before Christmas Eve begins!

4.) It’s Love, Actually

Cupid, has put you to work to help create the perfect celebrations for four stressed out couples! Solve riddles and other challenges to help you create a dream jolly holiday for them, a holiday they will absolutely love, actually!

5.) Your Team Saves Christmas!

Santa’s sleigh has gone astray! In the time limit of 90 minutes, you will have to travel the globe, drop off the presents, collect enough fairy dust to power your sleigh and, most importantly, find Santa!

6.) Festive Fright Night

A tragedy has struck the Lavender household and little Lucy Lavender, has lost her laugh! She was located by the lake outside the living room, lying limp and lifeless… but alive. Something, or someone has leapt out at her and frightened her into a frozen-like figure. Decipher the clues with Detective Inspector Justin Thyme to solve who is the culprit is.

7.) Fogg’s Festive Flight

In this fast-paced festive adventure to find the ever elusive Professor Fogg, you will commandeer a virtual hot air balloon and traverse the continents to find clues within the multitude of holiday celebrations happening around the globe!

8.) Mission Celebrate

Been working hard all year round and need a team “Pick Me Up”? Mission Celebrate is a great way to facilitate positive team bonding, high energy engagement and festive fun at the end of the year.

9.) Santa’s Survey Says

Our Live presenters playing Santa and his elves will entertain your entire group in this virtual game of Our Survey Says, inspired by one of the longest running international gameshows!

10.) Big Fab Quiz of the Year!

End your year like David Mitchel, Noel Fielding or Claudia Winkleman, in this hilarious take on the hit annual TV show! It’s time to jump down the 2021 rabbit hole and see how much you have been paying attention to the year.

We operate the leading corporate team activity event service in the UK, so whether you’ve got a group of 10 who are interested in a shared party night, or a group of 1,000+ for an exclusive and personalised team experience, or anything in between, we’re here to make your celebrations a huge success!
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We’ll work with you to make sure we succeed in entertaining and engaging your guests!

Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 5 October, 2021

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