At Blue Hat Teambuilding, we are passionate about helping teams and team members, overcome their biggest challenges and over many years of service, we have encountered the same common work place issues, across many different organisations. Common examples that span industry sectors are, “a lack of time to get work done”, “poor communication”, or “low morale”. It is evident that ‘people problems’ are universal and bound to surface in the best of workplaces, one time or another!

With the right team building strategy, you can create and maintain a bullet proof office culture, that can eliminate or at least minimise potential problems from arising. So here is our top five team building activities that we would recommend for the most common workplace problems.

Communication and problem solving skills

Solution: Team Quest

Combat those pesky communication barriers with this exciting and engaging team adventure. Using the very latest in GPS and communication technology, the Team Quest treasure hunt is packed full of cryptic clues and creative challenges, designed to exercise strategy, time management and communication skills; whilst tapping into your team members hidden talents. Your team members will have to work together and communicate effectively, in order to get to each mystery checkpoint. Remember, there is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’!

Morale and motivation

Solution: Rollercoaster

Whether your company has just gone through a major restructure, procedural changes or a change in clientele, this change can cause motivation and morale to hit an all time low, leading to low productivity and performance issues. Encourage your team to work towards one common goal in our Rollercoaster activity, for the ultimate feeling of team success and achievement! Each team must design and construct a series of bridges, ensuring that their own designs seamlessly connect together with the others. The series of bridges must then carry a rolling ball through all manner of twists, turns and even a loop the loop challenge for the brave. Prepare to hear cheers of celebration!

Project management and organisation

Solution: Dino Dash

Have you ever ridden a dinosaur? Well this is your chance to claim those dino racing bragging rights that you always dreamed of! This exciting activity will get yourself and your team outside of the office to recharge everyone’s batteries. Each team is tasked with racing their dinosaur through an assault course – but first it must be constructed. The winning team will need to practise precision teamwork and organisation to craft, ride and race their dinosaur to the finish line!

Creativity and collaboration

Solution: Roman Races

A change of scenery or work environment can stimulate the brain and spark creativity. Treat your team to a day at the races, even better, challenge your team to charge horses and chariots around a track! Roman Races will get your teams creative juices flowing as they build their horse, unicorn or winged Pegasus and chariot, for their designated ‘charioteer’ to sit in and pedal their way to first place!

Leadership skills and business acumen.

Solution: Hells Bells

Finding a good leader is a dream achievement for any organisation, because every successful organisation needs one at its different levels of authority. Our award winning Hells Bells activity initially challenges everyone to be a leader, as their workforce group is split into teams to compete against each other. Each individual will then come to realise that the entire group will need to work together towards a single end result. A number of different challenges and puzzles designed to include creative, practical, theoretical and problem solving tasks, will contribute to a grand finale which unfolds as an ingenious chain reaction of events!

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Heather Ee is the editor of Blue Hat Teambuilding blogs. Blue Hat Teambuilding has been recognised over 40 times by the main industry awards bodies, with 1 million people in over 40 countries having experienced a Blue Hat team product, giving an average rating of over 97%.

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Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 16 November, 2020

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