Event organisers, we know you’ve had to completely rethink how your event can stand out among the plethora of online meetings and conferences. As well as how to keep your attendees engaged and not hitting mute while they check their emails and social media. Unfortunately, simply copying and pasting all your live event content onto an online platform, will not guarantee your event will be as successful as it would have been before. You will now need to curate forward thinking and engaging live and pre-recorded digital content and change your pre and post event strategy completely. One of the positive outcomes to developing more downloadable content, is that you will be consequently building brand assets for the growth of your business and event reputation.

As innovators in team building, at Blue Hat we’ve been successfully running virtual events for thousands of people across the world, helping event organisers like yourselves to create great events that will be remembered during this pivotal time in the events industry.

And we’re not just providing an excuse for a social! We believe virtual team building should provide ROI like any other live event would. In fact, although we may think we’ve all got this remote working sussed out, we are only now beginning to see the mental and physical impact people are experiencing from the last 3 months of lockdown. Primarily on a personal level but there will also be a lag of reports on a corporate level which we have already anticipated. With this is mind, we will continue to support businesses with what we do best. Strengthening team dynamics and people development.

Independence Day is in sight! On the 4th July, we will all get to experience a revised state of ‘normalism’. As hotels and venues reopen in the hospitality industry, we expect there will be an influx of demand for those with outdoor space in preparation for next year’s event calendar. But before we go guns blazing in groups of 6 or more towards what tactics we knew and perfected before when planning an event. Think twice about your attendee’s new needs and preferences. Do they all want to jump back in so soon? Think about holistic recovery to remediate their fears or concerns. Future proof your events now, for what will ultimately be the new state of normal, for years to come.

Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 16 November, 2020

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