Blended team building increases the effectiveness of building your team and supports the learning and development objectives an organisation should have.

If you take a core learning or development outcome as an objective and combine an element of gamification (through a strategic team building activity or business game) you will maximise your chances of successfully achieve your goals.

The sweet spot or genius of blended learning (also known as gamified learning) is in the bespoke customisations, implemented to maximise delegate engagement. As experts in team building, we understand how to create a space for events that are fun and that deliver measurable and meaningful results around your desired outcomes.

What is Gamification

Gamification is the use of ‘game’ and ‘play’ to guide and motivate people’s behaviour whilst introducing new concepts, theories, and understandings. Gamification of learning and development increases peer engagement to boost performance and results.
When ‘playing’, individuals naturally build trust, respect, and rapport with each other. These essential ingredients develop more effective communication back in the workplace (and are otherwise unlikely to occur when working at the office or remotely).

Two recent examples where Blue Hat Teambuilding used gamification to enhance a learning and development agenda where with high tech entertainment company Top Golf, who have plans for significant growth.

Last year Blue Hat created a blended learning experience for the whole management team from across their UK business. Blue Hat recommended the learning and development principles of growth mindset to help delegates with their enhanced perspective of not fearing change but rather seeing change as opportunity not a threat. The idea was to encourage new and improved attitudes and outlooks for growth.

The chosen team activity, called Eden, requires the group to split into smaller teams who must travel the world to solve tasks and challenges to ultimately build the largest sustainable community they can in the time given. There are both competitive and collaborative elements to the activity that require independent and co-operative teamwork to achieve the big picture objectives.

Challenging Limitations

Eden challenged perceived limitations and enhanced the learning experience through expert facilitation to bring the key learning points to life. Each delegate left the event with an actionable takeaway to help them modify a behaviour in a positive way to support the wider team’s success.

Such was the success of the sessions that Top Golf asked Blue Hat to design this year’s summit experience. The desired outcomes were new, but the day’s structure of gamification in a blended learning experience (expert facilitation with an engaging team building activity) was utilised once more.

With growth comes opportunities for advancement and with the preferred route of promoting from within the organisation, Top Golf found they had many young managers with limited management experience and facing the challenge of managing those who were once peers.

Blue Hat focused on elements from the 11 principles of a high performing team, coupled with an understanding of people’s different communication styles, to help individuals form new strategies to manage their teams more effectively. Blue Hat used their activity Corporate World Record Breakers which was both fun and provided opportunities to develop confidence and learn tools needed to be more effective communicators. The success of the blended learning experience is demonstrated in the Team Indicator Report that collected the feedback of delegates both at the start and end of the event.

Blended Team Building

Ultimately, combining theory with an enlivening experience is far more effective in bringing learning and development tools to life. This strong belief in the benefits of developing teams is why Blue Hat have become the experts in designing team building activities that fit perfectly in a blended learning experience. Always with a focus on your core objectives, gamified experiences help employees feel enthused, engaged, and positively connected with their peers.

If you would like to learn more about how a blended learning experience can help solve your current team issues, please reach out and speak to one of Blue Hat’s team of experts.

Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 12 December, 2022

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