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Team building shouldn’t be a task; it should be an adventure. Our innovative team-building games are designed to engage your entire team, ensuring every activity is exciting, impactful, and memorable.

All of our team-building games can be customised to fit your company dynamics and goals, so whether you’re looking to supercharge your team’s performance, boost employee morale, or simply have some fun with your co-workers, you’ve come to the right place!

With over 100 team-building games to choose from, suitable for groups of 10 – 10,000 people, you can count on Blue Hat to deliver an unforgettable team-building experience – whatever your requirements.

Browse our diverse range of corporate team-building games below, then get in touch to tell us about your requirements and we’ll put together a list of recommendations that are tailored to your specific needs.

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Team-Building Game Ideas

We offer a wide range of fun team-building games to cater to all of your needs, whatever the occasion.

Whether you’re looking for simple team-bonding games, office games, remote team-building games, or a full day of activities to inspire and motivate your team, we’ve got you covered. We can also design and build bespoke team-building games to help you achieve a specific goal – from games to develop leadership skills, to communication and teamwork games.

Here are some of our most popular team-building games to give you some inspiration. Get in touch for a full list of activities and event recommendations that are tailored to your needs.


Diamond Dome

Dive into the Diamond Dome Experience, tackling team puzzles and challenges against the clock. Win Crystals to earn time in the Finale Dome in this immersive and exciting adventure!

Hells Bells

A collaborative journey through diverse challenges culminating in an unforgettable revelation. A must-experience team adventure with the most amazing finale you'll ever see.


Journey around the world on a global adventure of team challenges. Earn resources to build the largest sustainable community, balancing short-term gains with long-term impacts.

Game of Kings

Take on strategic challenges in the land of Kudos. Conquer territories, battle armies, and avoid the dragon to be the team to claim the title of protector.

Roman Races

Experience the Legendary Race for Gladiators! Design, build, and race chariots using unique mechanical horses. A team challenge blending creativity, strategy, and competition.

Corporate World Record Breakers

Teams face a diverse range of challenges in different zones. With coaching and practise, they will all improve. But will it be enough to make history in the official attempt finale?


Release your inner animator with Comedy writer Harry Venning. Collaborate with your team to write and produce stop-frame animation movies, fostering creativity and teamwork. Let's animate!"

Team Quest

Escape the conference room and experience an award-winning tablet adventure with Team Quest. Navigate cryptic clues, explore mystery checkpoints and earn points for victory.

Da Vinci Code

In this experience, your team will face immersive team challenges, crafted with meticulous detail. Find cryptic clues hidden within lifelike exhibits to be the first to solve the mystery.

Why Choose Blue Hat?

At Blue Hat, we’re not just your average team building enthusiasts. Here’s what sets us apart from other corporate event companies.

Engaging Events & Activities

Our team-building events are as unique as your team’s inside jokes. With 100+ activities to choose from, we offer a diverse selection of team-building experiences to cater to your needs and engage your entire team, whatever the occasion.

Tailored Team-Building Experiences

Our consultative approach enables us to tailor our tried-and-tested team-building experiences to fit your company dynamics. We explore your needs and desired outcomes, then create a range of event recommendations for you to choose from – ensuring we deliver the perfect solution.

Caring Company

At Blue Hat, we genuinely care about our customers and go the extra mile to give you the very best experience. Whether that’s advice, guidance, taking tasks off your plate, or recommending other people who can help, we do everything we can to help you succeed.

Enthusiastic Team

We love Mondays! We’re passionate about what we do and this rubs off on our customers. Our professional and approachable staff are equipped to handle every request, ensuring you have plenty of support both before and during your event.

Unbeatable Value

We specialise in developing high-performing teams through expertly crafted team-building experiences and facilitation. We work to a specific methodology that elevates what we can do, ensuring unbeatable value and lasting results for your business.

Real Results

We’re experts in event design, participant engagement, and behavioural change. By helping you build happier, more motivated, and more successful teams, our team-building experiences ensure a real return on your investment.

Continuous Innovation

We have a research and development team that never stops, dedicated to creating new, exciting, and fully immersive team-building experiences. We’re constantly seeking new ways of doing things and never rest in our pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement.

Raving Reviews

Our customer reviews have an average rating of 98% and we’ve won more top industry awards than anyone else. The true test of our clients’ satisfaction is shown by our customers coming back to us for more, year after year.

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The big day has arrived! Our team will be on hand from start to finish to ensure a smooth, fun, and memorable experience – all you and your team have to do is show up and get stuck in!

Award-Winning Team-Building Experiences

We’ve been consistently recognised by the event industry for outstanding events and business performance, with over 55 accolades over the last 20+ years to date. Recognition has come from the EVCOM live awards, the M&IT Industry awards, the C&IT Awards, and many more.

Hear It From Our Customers

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our customers have to say about Blue Hat.

We took part in a virtual escape room run by Blue Hat Teambuilding, which was very effective at getting people together and building stronger relationships even over a video conference. Was a lot of fun as well. They ensured everything went smoothly and they have loads of great ideas for future events that we will try.

Deutsche Bank

A real pleasure to work with, really passionate about getting the job right.


Would recommend this corporate team-building company to anyone.


We appointed Blue Hat to manage our virtual team-building session. We had fun playing the Escape Room, it was very entertaining and interactive. Blue Hat was there all the way through managing everything behind the scenes. Their attention to detail and their creativity were first-class. I would certainly work with them again.

The British Retail Consortium

Great customer service. Hand-holding throughout the process. Convey the messaging we requested and weave it into the team-building activity.


The team delivered exactly what was asked for, was very organised and punctual and extremely approachable and professional.


A great way for the team to get to know one another.


Blue Hat events are always engaging, fun and well-run. I have used them for all kinds of events with very varied teams in 3 different companies, ranging from a dozen to over 150 people. I can always be confident that they will deliver an uplifting and thought-provoking experience for the team.


I’m really impressed by your offerings and I honestly think you have some if not the most unique offerings out in the market at the moment!


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    Team-Building Games FAQs

    ‘Team-building games’ (also known as ‘team-bonding’ games or ‘teamwork games’) are interactive and collaborative activities designed to enhance teamwork, communication, trust, problem-solving, and interpersonal relations within a group of individuals.

    The effectiveness of team-building games lies in their ability to engage participants in a fun, fresh, and safe environment, while encouraging individuals to join forces to achieve a common goal. By giving teams the opportunity to practise and develop crucial skills, learn from their experiences, and apply those lessons to their work, team-building games help build more united and productive teams that can achieve better results.

    Want to know more about our team-building games? Book a free event consultation today.  Successful teams rarely happen by chance.

    Team-building games are specifically designed to help individual team members work together more effectively, resulting in a more united and productive group that can achieve better results.

    Specifically, team-building games help create more successful teams by:

    • Strengthening interpersonal relationships
    • Ensuring values and goals are aligned
    • Improving communication and collaboration
    • Developing trust, respect, and rapport
    • Enhancing problem-solving skills
    • Uncovering hidden talents
    • Encouraging creativity and innovative thinking
    • Boosting employee morale
    • And more…

    These benefits extend to the workplace, contributing to better overall team performance and – ultimately – improved business results, including a more positive company culture, happier and more motivated employees, higher staff retention rates, and greater productivity.

    For more information about our team-building games and how they can benefit your company, book a free event consultation today.

    How frequently you should organise team-building games for your employees or co-workers is dependent on several factors, including the specific needs and goals of your team or organisation. Here are some considerations to help you determine how often you should do team-building games:

    • Team Goals and Challenges: Consider your team’s current goals and challenges. If there are pressing issues or new objectives, more frequent team-building games may be beneficial to address these.
    • Team Dynamics: Assess the dynamics within your team. If you notice communication breakdowns, conflicts, or a lack of cohesion, more frequent team-building games can help address these issues and build stronger relationships.
    • Team Size and Structure: Take into account the number of people in your team. Smaller teams may find it easier to schedule more frequent team games, while larger teams might opt for less frequent, larger-scale team-building events.
    • Budget and Resources: Consider your budget and available resources. Some team-building games can be more costly than others, so your budget may influence how often you choose to engage in them.
    • Company Culture: Assess your company’s culture and values. If your organisation places a high value on maintaining a positive work environment, more regular team-building games are likely to help with this.
    • Feedback and Evaluation: Regularly collect feedback from team members to gauge the effectiveness of past team-building games. Use this feedback to determine whether additional exercises are needed and how often they should occur.
    • Balance: Strive for a balance between team-building games and day-to-day work. Too many team-building exercises can disrupt productivity, while too few can lead to stagnant team dynamics.

    In general, you should try to strike a balance that meets the unique needs of your team. Many organisations opt for quarterly or annual team-building exercises, while others incorporate shorter, more frequent team-building games into their regular schedule. The key is to align the frequency with your team’s specific goals, challenges, and resources, ensuring that team building remains a valuable and effective component of your overall business strategy.

    The best team-building games depend on your team’s unique needs, goals, and preferences. There’s no one-size-fits all solution – what one team loves, another might hate!

    With over 100 unique activities to choose from, we have options to suit every group and occasion, such as our popular GPS Treasure Hunt Adventures, Wacky Races, Trading Wars, and Murder Mystery, as well as countless other games to unite, inspire, and strengthen your team. 

    Additionally, our consultative approach enables us to tailor our tried-and-tested team-building games to fit your company dynamics and goals. We explore your needs and desired outcomes, then create a list of recommendations for you to choose from – ensuring we deliver the perfect solution. 

    Get in touch today to tell us about your requirements and we’ll help you choose a team-building game that’s sure to impress your co-workers.

    While free team-building games are a great way to have some fun with your co-workers, investing in a professional team-building company offers unbeatable value when it comes to understanding your team’s needs and ensuring real results for your business. 

    As there are many variables involved in designing an effective team-building experience, asking how much a team-building game costs is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string?”. We’ve delivered team-building games for large groups as little as £25 per person, and we’ve also created some fantastic bespoke activities over the years that have exceeded £500 per person.

    That said, we know it’s useful to have an understanding or ballpark figure of what things cost, so we’ve included a dedicated pricing page  here on our website, where you can find more information about the price of our team-building games.

    Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your needs and budget, and we’ll put together a list of recommendations that are tailored to your specific requirements.