The CEO’s most important asset in every business is a high performing executive team. But building a highly motivated, reliable, productive and cohesive team is not as easy as it may seem. The best teams are made up of individuals who can reach their team objectives without sacrificing their meeting their own objectives.

Although this process takes time, with some careful planning you CAN create the perfect dream team to accelerate your business goals and growth.

Read on to learn how to create the perfect team in six steps.

1.) Refine your recruitment process

The first place to start for your plan to create a perfect team is at the hiring process. You can proactively look for perfect-fit team members at this early stage through a combination of extensive individual interviewing and group setting team building activities. By using team building activities and simulating their future team environment, you will move away from choosing a candidate based on qualifications and instead, move towards selecting a candidate that works well with others.

2.) Try partnering personalities

While peoples skillsets may on similar levels, everybody is unique and thinks differently. This can be a great asset, or a recipe for a dysfunctional team if personalities clash. A solution to this is to use personality partnering, an easy way to place individuals together that complement each other.

For example personalities that are ultra-organised problem-solvers who thrive in fact-based work well with realistic, analytic thinkers, but who also have great energy and people skills. The key is that together their personalities strike a perfect balance.

3.) Define roles from the start

Each team member should have a designated role and responsibility within the company. Each person will then understand what is expected of them and the contribution they give to the wider team. At the stage wherre you are finalising your new team, or bringing new members in, allocate their roles and notify everyone in the team of them so that requirements are understood and boundaries are not crossed, mitigating any future concerns.

4.) Set team goals 

Teams work more efficiently where there is a team mission or goal in place. The goal should provide a crystal clear vision of the shared objective and will be in place to keep motivation and productivity levels high. Having goals in place also helps improve team culture as everyone can enjoy the process of completing the tasks together as well as enjoying the results.

5.) Improve communication channels

Communication is the key to a high performing team and the easiest way to foster this, is to ensure that multiple methods of communication are accessible to your staff, especially if some or all of your team members are working remotely. You want to make it simple for messages to be passed on quickly to speed up procedures and problem solving. We recommend using teams, hubspot or slack for this, however there are many options to choose from to suit your business needs.

6.) Keep on building

When you feel you have put together your perfect team and the sky’s the limit, it’s important to remember that team cohesion is an ongoing process. Regular team building activities throughout the year can dramatically improve the performance of your team as they provide opportunities for your colleagues to bond and learn more about each others strengths and weaknesses through lighthearted team games. With regular activities, your staff can look forward to their enjoyable experiences together and feel appreciated and rewarded for their work.

Interested in learning more?  Try using one of our Energisers and Networking Games to see how your team can improve their performance.
Or get in touch with our team building experts for a free consultation to discuss indoor and outdoor face to face team building activities to help you create the perfect team.

Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 11 November, 2021

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