Part Time Workshop Craftsman

We are known for the huge variety of original and unique team building concepts we have created over the years. We have over 7,000sq feet of storage space at our HQ where it’s held ready to go out on a client event.

We’ve designed and built it all in our large workshop, with the help of scenic artists, professional prop makers, electronics experts, lighting gurus, engineering boffins and the like.

And of course, all this equipment needs maintaining so it’s always in top condition when out on a client event.

And we are often upgrading concepts when we have new ideas of how to run something, or creating brand new ideas, or tailoring an existing activity to match a client brand and values. When and how often we’re doing this changes from week to week, depending on business needs. But when we do, we’re always on the look out for skilled craftspeople to come and join the fun.

If you think you have top craftsperson skills (of whatever nature), then we’d love to hear from you. 

What a typical day looks like

You’ll arrive at the office in the morning (the office team tend to work standard 9-5pm hours) and be given access to our large array of workshop tools.

With the design brief in hand, you’ll work out ideas of how best to deliver the solution. We’ll discuss and agree the way forward and then it’s ready, get set, go!

A small repair may take 30mins, or a major refit might take a week (or more!) If do come in, then we’ll aim to have at least one full days work for you, if not more.

We have pretty good sound insulation between the workshop and the main office, so if you like to work with music…feel free to crank it up!

The mindset & attitude we look for

We love people with a thirst for learning. Bring your skills and teach us and be open to learning how to improve yourself too.

We look for people with the ability to balance creativity with a delivery timeline (and budget!).

It’s also important that you are ready to work until the job is done – a client event day is fixed, so we must have things ready at all costs (we try to avoid pulling all-nighters, but we can’t say they haven’t happened once or twice over the last 20 years)

We like work people we like working with. That typically means positive vibes, pride in a job well done, and the creativity to solve problems.

If you tend to operate with a Growth Mindset, seeing problems as challenges to overcome and believing there is always a way, then you’ll fit in well with our team. 

And of course, we’d ask you not to share the Blue Hat magic with anyone outside of Blue Hat! (We’ve invested millions over 20+ years and created a lot of IP and knowhow over the years and there are others who try to shortcut by copying. To them we say ‘shame on you!)

Part Time Workshop Craftsman


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