Part Time Project Manager

We run 100’s of events each year. The when and where is somewhat sporadic. We might have 6 events on the same day (the record is 35!) and other days none. The event venue may be in the UK, or Europe or even further afield (and sometimes virtual).

We’ve developed a unique system which enables our freelance project managers to organise our events and give great customer service at the same levels as our permanent ones. 

This means there is no limit to the number of projects we can take on and still deliver to a 5* gold standard (which is always expected when you book Blue Hat for your team activity and team development events).

As we grow, we will need more part time project managers to support the ever increasing number of team building events we are asked to deliver for clients.

What a typical day looks like

Each event has a set number of requirements in terms of how it’s organised. This will require you to dip in and out of the project over a number of days in the lead up to the event date.

You will typically be working remotely and managing your own time. It’s essential that all the individual tasks are completed in a timely fashion. Tasks include having a handover with our account management team and the client, so you know exactly what is expected. Booking in staff and vehicles for the event. Creating a load list for our logistics team to prepare. Writing crew briefing instructions so they know where to be, at what time on what day, what to wear, what event is being run and why, etc. and writing up a post event report of how it all went. 

Equally important, your client communication is on-point, responding quickly to requests and queries. It’s essential all our customers feel very well looked after and nothing is too much trouble.

The mindset & attitude we look for

We are looking for people who naturally take immense pleasure for giving great service to a customer (both internal and external)

We also want to work with people who have the confidence to ask for help if they need it.

Maintaining great positive energy when liaising with our team and our clients is essential. 

Enjoy the proactivity of finding solutions to problems (before they become problematic)

If you tend to operate with a Growth Mindset, seeing problems as challenges to overcome and believing there is always a way, then you’ll fit in well with our team. 

And of course, we’d ask you not to share the Blue Hat magic with anyone outside of Blue Hat! (We’ve invested millions over 20+ years and created a lot of IP and knowhow over the years and there are others who try to shortcut by copying. To them we say ‘shame on you!)

Part Time Project Manager


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