Full Time Account Manager

We get thousands of requests for help from our loyal customer base. These come in all shapes and sizes (the requests, not our customers!) We might be asked for a 20min conference energiser for 1200, a summer outdoor activity for 350, an indoor business game activity to match the theme of the meeting message, something to entertain a group over the gala dinner, a 12-month team development programme to name but a few.

As the number of requests continues to grow, so too will our team of account managers, to ensure we can deal with each and every one quickly and efficiently. This involves a consultation with our customer, enabling us to deep dive into their event brief. Only once we fully understand what success looks like, are we able to recommend a short list of activities from a choice of over 100.

To ensure our event bookers always have the very best experience, we look for people with a helpful attitude, bags of energy, a positive outlook, and brilliant customer facing skills. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

What a typical day looks like

You’ll work a mix of office and home each week.

We start the day with a short team meeting to check in with each other, share any important news and updates and gain focus for the day ahead.

Your day should then be filled with speaking to clients to understand their needs. Once you do, you’ll prepare quotations based on a recommended shortlist of solutions you think will be most relevant and interesting to them.

You’ll also speak to clients who already have an open quotation, to see how you can help them make a final decision, one way or the other.

You must also make time to touch base with past clients, to remind them we are here to help them as and when they need it.

You’ll support the marketing team with ideas for interesting content we think will be valued by our client base. You will also help organise client showcases and attend industry expos.

Most client meetings these days are done on Teams, but some people still prefer to meet in person, so be ready to do whatever it takes for our client to feel brilliantly listened to and supported. We measure our success by the feedback we get – and 99% of the time, it’s 4&5 stars based on the last 550 reviews we’ve had.

The mindset & attitude we look for

A strong understanding of the bigger picture vision and the drive to work tirelessly on the small daily tasks and activities that will move us towards it.

We want to work with people who are able to perform to the best of your ability each day, regardless of what’s going on outside of work.

Be ready and willing to support the rest of the Blue Hat team so they can be at their best too.

You must be the sort of person who gets a real buzz out of receiving great feedback from a client.

If you tend to operate with a Growth Mindset, seeing problems as challenges to overcome and believing there is always a way, then you’ll fit in well with our team. 

And of course, we’d ask you not to share the Blue Hat magic with anyone outside of Blue Hat! (We’ve invested millions over 20+ years and created a lot of IP and knowhow over the years and there are others who try to shortcut by copying. To them we say ‘shame on you!)

Full Time Account Manager


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