Freelance Event Presenter & Host

We run 100’s of events each year. The when and where is somewhat sporadic. We might have 6 events on the same day (the record is 35!) and other days none. The event venue may be in the UK, or Europe or even further afield (and sometimes virtual).

To help us deliver an excellent experience for our clients each and every time, we have a pool of freelance presenters & hosts who take the stage and lead our corporate group through their Blue Hat event experience. 

To ensure our participants always have the very best experience, we choose people with a helpful attitude, bags of energy, a positive outlook, the ability to improv in the moment, and who are fun and engaging for clients. If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

What a typical day looks like

The role is often varied, depending on the style of team building event we’re running, but there are some key elements that are consistent throughout. 

Prior to the event date, you’ll receive the full event details. Read, understand and ask questions to ensure you are fully in the picture, so you’re in the best place to give an A1 performance on the event day (this could include a script or specific things to mention during the event).

On the day (and sometimes a day or two before), you’ll travel to the event location (either direct from your home, or via our head office near Hertford) – if you can drive, that’s a bonus. If you can drive a van, then you’ll be even better still.

Once at the venue, you’ll help the team set up the equipment. This involves working in a team to unload the van and set up our intricate, unique and clever event equipment and game props. We aim to do this a couple of hours before the participants arrive.

You’ll make the time to check the AV is set up and working, also checking in with the client to ensure your delivery is aligned to their expectations and getting into character ready for when the participants arrive.

You’ll be instrumental in keeping the energy high, commentating on teams performance, delivering important information about the experience to help teams and generally ensuring guests remain in top spirits throughout.

Once the event has concluded, helping the rest of the team to break down all the kit and load it back into the van for the return journey.

The mindset & attitude we look for

Unlike most other team building companies, you won’t be managing the event as well. This means you can give full focus on delivering the best performance when the event starts.

We want to work with people who are able to perform to the best of your ability on each event day, regardless of what’s going on outside of work,

You’ll be expected to support the rest of the Blue Hat team onsite so they can be at their best too. If you can help someone else bring their game up a level, that’s a win.

It’s really important to us and our reputation that we treat the venue we are working at with respect, always leaving it as we found it. That includes the spaces we work within as much as the people.

If you tend to operate with a Growth Mindset, seeing problems as challenges to overcome and believing there is always a way, then you’ll fit in well with our team. 

And of course, we’d ask you not to share the Blue Hat magic with anyone outside of Blue Hat! (We’ve invested millions over 20+ years and created a lot of IP and knowhow over the years and there are others who try to shortcut by copying. To them we say ‘shame on you!)

Freelance Event Presenter & Host


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