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Often our clients want more than a just for fun team building activity. At that level, teams benefit from a fun shared experience that helps them build trust, respect and rapport, which leads to better communication and a higher level of performance when back in the office. So very important.

On occasion, a customer is looking for more defined learning outcomes. There are a whole host of different needs, for example; two teams coming together as one, problems with morale or motivation, lacking of responsibility and accountability, ineffective inter-departmental communication, difficulties with conflict management…the list goes on.

There is one commonality around the issues and that is team performance. If any of the behaviours around our 11 principles of a high performing team are sub-optimal, then the team as a whole are leaving some potential on the table.

To help address their specific issues, we have a well-used event format and structure to help create a more effective learning environment. 

To help us deliver these deeper learning outcomes, we look for support from our network of associate facilitators and trainers.

What a typical day looks like

Prior to the event, we’ll have a Teams meeting together with the event sponsor, to ensure all expectations on delivery are aligned (giving time to tweak if required).

On the event day, you’ll meet our core team on site and check everything is ready to go.

The day typically starts with some theory on the chosen topic (delivered by you) to help the team understand the concepts we are putting forward to them.

The middle part of the session is where teams participate in one of our team building activities or business games. Here they have an opportunity to try out different behaviours in a fun and safe space, whilst also benefiting from the fun shared experience as highlighted above.

Post activity is the reflection session where you’ll pose thought provoking questions to enable to help individuals learn by self-discovery, run some small group discussion sessions and the like.

We’ll often end with a short piece designed to give individuals a takeaway to focus on for the following few weeks, to further embed their learning.

Once the day has ended and the group have left, you are good to start your travel home.

The mindset & attitude we look for

Confidence and charisma will help you naturally engage with the group. 

You’ll need to work seamlessly with the core Blue Hat on site team. We’re a top bunch, so this bit should be easy!

We want to work with people who are able to perform to the best of your ability on each event day, regardless of what’s going on outside of work.

It’s important you can show the passion and energy for your specialise subject matter, which only serves to engage the group at an even deeper level.

And of course, we’d ask you not to share the Blue Hat magic with anyone outside of Blue Hat! (We’ve invested millions over 20+ years and created a lot of IP and knowhow over the years and there are others who try to shortcut by copying. To them we say ‘shame on you!)

Associate Facilitator


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