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How adversity in the events industry created opportunity for creativity and a new breed of virtual team building experiences

When the world came to a staggering halt brought on from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, for some, limitation and adversity was a breeding ground for creativity and new opportunities.

Whether for escapism, humour or merely a way to pass the time, we’ve seen; artists, novelists, comedians and screenwriters adapt their talents and emerge with new, inspiring work that brings joy and positivity to many in the process. From Randy Newman’s wry ‘stay Away’ track about social distancing and Jarvis Cocker’s domestic disco, to Noel Fielding’s art club; innovation has been tested in ways we never anticipated.

For the team at Blue Hat Teambuilding, with creativity at the core of their mission to enhance team dynamics, they would also not be compromised by limitations, such as social distancing. Rather, they would create alternative means to connect people to each other, to keep communication flowing and to maintain morale for the vast swathes of newly rendered remote workers.

By embracing the slow, albeit imminent transition towards more virtual meetings and conferences, Blue Hat decided to take the plunge early, gather the tools and talent they had and venture down an uncertain path previously unmapped by other industry leaders. Just as they have done many times in the 20 year history of the Blue Hat brand, creating a number of industry firsts. Consequently, virtual team building has become the new ‘away day’. For the present at least.

Amongst a diverse suite of event activities that has already entertained thousands, a particularly special project was created in partnership with Connecting Canvases. A project that will make its mark in history, to remind us that as a community, we are strong. That as a team, we will always create something bigger than ourselves and that together, a small contribution can make a huge difference.

‘The Corona Canvas’

With the aim to create a global community project that everyone can get involved in, The Corona Canvas uses the simple activity of colouring, to give everyone an opportunity to participate and express themselves together.

Not only does this project have a goal to produce the largest piece of artwork in the history of mankind, that one day they hope will be projected in major art galleries around the world and looked upon by our future generations, inspiring them to feel the power of community. Essentially, this project can also help the global community right now. The Corona Canvas has entered itself in a race to raise £1 million for all those affected by the coronavirus globally and so each and every contributor will be making an impact in more ways than one.  

With one million canvases just released to the public all over the world, artists, influencers and corporations alike are all set to collaborate to build this global masterpiece. 

Every canvas features a cleverly designed interconnecting border so each canvas owner can match their colours to the surrounding canvases on the online gallery, creating an opportunity for social interaction. Each completed canvas pieces together like a patchwork quilt to create one magnificent, seamless work of art; mixing everyone’s different artistic styles, colour choices and creativity. It will grow and emerge to a memorable and awe-inspiring scale.

An Inclusive Experience

To make the activity yet more inclusive and experiential for corporate teams, Blue Hat have teamed up with strip cartoonist of the year and creator of Radio 4’s award winning show Clare in the Community’, Harry Venning. Harry’s light-hearted and amusing Consequences masterclass in story telling using the power of the pen, gives virtual event attendees a kick start to their art by giving them the confidence to use drawing skills they didn’t know they had.

Team Work Of Art

It is inspiring, that skills many of us have not utilised since childhood will, will help create something magnificent and historic. Companies are now able to create their own personal conjoined canvas within the wider global canvas to foster the team spirit within their corporate network. For this, Blue Hat create a custom template, with each team member contributing their canvas effort as part of the bigger picture. Finally, their pieces of artwork are puzzled together for a big reveal, a team effort that many will be proud to be a part of.

The Corona Canvas is therefore not just a chance to immerse yourself in some extremely therapeutic colouring in whilst our minds dream of life after lockdown, it’s designed to keep people connected across abilities, across borders and across generations; whilst doing something creative and impactful together. Creativity and innovation after all, starts with a blank canvas, otherwise it is merely a copy.

Blue Hat Teambuilding is an event company that specialises in unique and innovative team building and learning experiences. Blue Hat Teambuilding is run by co-owners Ben Parkinson and Neil Harvey who have been creating award winning team building events for over 20 years. Their expertise is in creating unique experiences and tailoring them to best support client’s key messages, brand and identity.
Over 1,000,000 people have experienced a Blue Hat event, giving an average rating of 97% and helping Blue Hat be recognised by industry awards over 40 times.

Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 16 November, 2020

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