Why should you consider a team building event after the summer holiday? There are many benefits that you can get out of this type of event, and we will discuss them here.

1. Boost Teamwork

Business success is not just about the work you do, it’s also about the people you work with.
A team building event can give your employees an opportunity to get to know each other better, so they can make better decisions when they’re on the job. When team members have shared values, a shared purpose and shared goals, it helps them be more effective in their roles at work. That means your company will benefit in many ways: improved productivity, reduced turnover and higher sales!

2. Improve Communication

Communication is a key part of teamwork, which means that it’s important for your employees to be on the same page and understand each other. A team building event can help you improve your communication with the following benefits:

  • Build trust – When people trust each other, they are more likely to share information freely and openly discuss ways to solve problems together in a productive way. During a team building event, they will have opportunities to take risks while working with others and get feedback on their ideas. This helps them build up their confidence so that they feel more comfortable sharing their opinions without feeling threatened by negative criticism or rejection by peers.
  • Build relationships – Team members need relationships with each other for them to all work together effectively. A unit or team with bad communication causes confusion among employees which could lead into conflict later down the line if not addressed properly from day one!

3. Address Personalities and Working Styles

Your team is a reflection of your company and its culture. Making sure that the people who are working in your company are great at their job, having the right personalities and working styles will mean that your business has a higher chance of success.
A team building exercise should be used to address these issues as well as get to know each other better. If a member of your team does not work well with others or has a different personality to another member then this could lead to conflict within the workplace which can have negative impacts on productivity and morale. In addition, if there are tensions between people due to their different personalities then it will be difficult for them communicate effectively which may result in misunderstandings or disagreements . The purpose of team building exercises is therefore twofold: firstly they allow employees from different departments within an organisation (such as sales vs marketing) get acquainted with one another; secondly they allow employees who work remotely also get acquainted with one another face-to-face so there’s no confusion about what everyone else does at work!

4. Minimise Stress

Stress can have a negative impact on productivity, burnout and absenteeism.
Stress causes illness, lack of motivation and focus, as well as creativity. If you want to minimise stress in your workplace after the summer holidays, then a team building event will help to ensure that everyone returns to work refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead.

5. Improve Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement is the key to boosting productivity and ensuring a positive workplace culture. To do this, you need to measure your employees’ level of engagement and then work on ways to improve it. Here are some ways you can measure employee engagement:

  • Ask your team members for feedback about their job satisfaction using an anonymous survey or other tools, such as a staff meeting discussion.
  • Ask them if they’d recommend the company as a good place to work or not.
  • Have an open discussion with your team members about what could be done at work that would make them feel more engaged (e.g., flexible working hours). Then you can use these insights as a starting point for changing things around, so everyone feels like they have time for themselves outside of work too!

A successful team building event can have a positive impact on your employees and your business as a whole!

You know what they say: “A team that plays together, stays together!”
Team building events are an excellent way to build trust and confidence in your employees, improve communication between members of the same team or company, increase productivity and morale. Having a successful team building event can have a positive impact on your employees and your business as well as making it more enjoyable for everyone involved!

Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 9 August, 2022

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