Escape rooms are a great way to, literally, escape the drudgery of the office or job site and find a way to grow together as peers, co-workers, teammates, and friends. Not to mention, escape rooms have the opportunity to expose your team to a multitude of engaging exercises in critical thought, deduction, and problem-solving. It’s a way for your staff, department, or group to emphasise their strengths and build relationships. Let’s be honest, Toby in accounting hasn’t cracked a grin in three years. It’s time to let him roam the great wide world beyond his cubicle and maybe make a friend or two. The possibilities!

If you’re unfamiliar, an escape room is a real or virtual situation where the players discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish various tasks to complete a goal. Escape rooms foster a cooperative environment that promotes healthy competition and collaboration.

Here are three reasons why escape rooms are a great way to bring out the best in your team.

1.  It will accentuate the positives

An escape room is usually centered around a narrative, so it’s easy to allow your imagination to run a bit wild. The immersion of the event itself has a way of bringing out the creative spirit of its players and, in turn, allows for them to let their guard down through the storytelling. The brain focuses less on social anxiety and more on problem-solving. Escape rooms, by no means, possess high-pressure challenges or high stakes outcomes, but they use an engaging story to get people to slip into their true character through a sense of motivation to succeed in its completion. It will sometimes come down to a simple conviction that players just want to get themselves and their friends “out” of the room. Using that determination, people will step up to the challenge because it modifies the typical problem-solving maps in their thought process. Talents may surface that could’ve otherwise gone unnoticed because they’ve gotten used to the specific roles they are required to play in a particular environment. It gives the individual a chance to shine.

2.  It Helps with communication, communication, communication

Communication. Did I mention communication? Okay, so here’s the thing – escape rooms require you to converse. We’re looking at you, Toby in accounting. No one person is going to be able to solve every puzzle alone. An escape room is busy, full of conversation, discussion, and movement. If a team doesn’t talk to each other, then the great, overall escape is futile. The clues must eventually come together and provide a solution for the team, so if one person neglects to mention a key detail they discovered, that could have consequences! When the pressure’s on, it can be a make or break. In situations where the clock is ticking, people working towards a common goal tend to share all the information to lead the team in the right direction and to a solution–precisely what’s needed in a professional organisation, office, or workplace.

3.  It Builds Trust

People are fickle. It’s essential to get them talking and interacting (see above) because it builds a relationship. Communication, healthy communication, is the most critical part of creating trust among a team of peers. All in all, trust is a difficult thing to come by, but in moments of critical thought and positive discourse, the way that people interact with one another can be a key factor in success outside of an escape room. Bonds are formed and if two individuals vibe on the same wavelength, perhaps they should be assigned the same or similar projects and common goals. When trust sets in among people it should be nurtured and allowed to grow so that the team can tackle a multitude of complicated scenarios to create sustainable solutions.

Finally, an escape room is a place where humans become very human, and its benefits are far beyond Toby in accounting just making some friends. It can help your people build relationships, learn to rely on one another, and create a team of goal-oriented people who want to seek solutions rather than exist in the problem.

Blue Hat offer a range of virtual as well as mobile in-person escape room experiences that can be brought to your office, or meeting venue.

Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 25 May, 2021

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