As the Coronavirus outbreak concerns continues to rise and a new way of altered living and working is enforced, we are doing our very best to minimise this impact by providing positive, alternative solutions to our clients. Instead of giving up, we’re stepping up to support your businesses!

We’ve put our thinking caps on and have developed a brilliant range of office based or remote working activities that allow teams in all different locations to participate, from their office or at home! These activities are designed to mitigate the loss of morale and feelings of isolation and distraction, that may be experienced as a result of remote working. Read on to see our top 10 team building solutions for office based or remote workers.

1.) Cartoon Creations

*This event has been developed for remote workers too!

Shun the conference jargon – This fun and demanding activity is led by the Strip Cartoonist of the Year, Harry Venning. With his comedic explanation on cartoon drawing, he instils belief into every participant that they CAN do the same. The result is a gallery of diverse images, all created from the same brief, the same timescale and the same information. This demonstrates the many different ways of conveying a single message to get the results you want. Learn More

2.) Gameshow Mania

3 famous game shows in 1 – Gameshow Mania ensures your guests have a fun-filled and entertaining evening. Everyone is involved in a series of rounds from famous TV game shows. The attention to detail of the equipment, props, visuals and sounds we’ve created, plus the way we structure the evening, ensures a highly competitive and electric atmosphere. ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’, ‘Deal or No Deal’ and ‘Million Pound Drop’ are the most popular rounds that await you. Learn more

3.) Team Work of Art

*This event has been developed for remote workers too!

Painting the picture together – We can all feel that our contribution to the workplace is not valued or important. In this classic event, the end result is dependent on every single person contributing. A bespoke image, pertinent to the message you wish to convey, is designed and then divided into canvas sized sections for individual teams to recreate. Assembled as one picture for the big reveal at the end, everyone is proud of their contribution. Learn More

4.) Da Vinci Code

Who murdered the curator? The curator of a famous museum has been murdered, but he left clues in the museum’s artefacts to name those innocent of the crime. The activity involves props that would not look out of place in any museum and each reveals a hidden answer when analysed correctly. Working in conjunction with Chief Inspector Olaf Sheep and his team, each group of forensic experts race against time to eliminate the innocent to reveal the guilty party. Learn More

5.) Tri Master

Test your brain, brawn and creative edge – Tri-Master is powered by Blue Hat’s innovative Team Quest technology. Teams discover their strengths and use them to their advantage when choosing which challenges to take on. They complete 5 levels of challenges, each increasing in difficulty and putting a range of cerebral, physical and creative skills to the test. Learning to use their skills, delegates decide who is best to complete the challenges to earn maximum points. Learn More

6.) Chest Quest

What’s concealed in the journey through your box? Each team has a box with locked layers. Each layer can be opened by different methods and different challenges to be solved. What the content of each drawer reveals can be up to you to decide. This very versatile event gives amazing flexibility to the outcome you desire whilst engaging the participants with a varied assortment of activities. What’s in your box? You decide! Call Us To Find Out More!

7.) Remote Masterpiece

*This event has been developed for remote workers too!

How does your photo fit in? Your team is tasked with taking as many photos as possible, to a specific brief, in a given timescale. This can be around your office, around their homes or around the globe! Our team then collates these photos via e-mail to create an animated image that concludes to reveal an impression of the image of your choice. Can you spot the photographs that you took in the final image?! Call Us To Find Out More!

8.) In The Zone

Can you top the leader board? A series of fun, short tasks are provided that your staff can participate in at random to earn points… or be the top dog by scoring the highest over the course of the event. Anything from balancing golf tees, to correctly placing names of stations on a map of the underground, there is something for everyone. Choose your agenda from our selection of available options. Call Us To Find Out More!

9.) Beat The Clock

An energetic 101 challenges against the clock – A high quality team experience that will create an atmosphere of anticipation, excitement and energy within a highly competitive environment. Teams attempt as many of the 101 tasks and challenges as they can before the giant digital timer hits zero. Each task has a Bronze, Silver & Gold scoring system to add pressure to the teams need for quick decision making and decisive action required to be successful. Learn More

10.) Animate

*This event has been developed for remote workers too!

What can you get moving? Using our unique mobile stop-frame studio, we can find a corner of your office to convert into a place where magic can happen. Tailoring a brief to engage your teams they can either create a solo animation or a section of a multi-part story. Often the theme is around a company message or is used to reinforce a point of learning. From graduates to top execs, this is movie magic in the making. Who wouldn’t be inspired by Aardvark or Disney??!! Learn More

We will continue to monitor and develop ways of supporting our clients with fully adaptable and inclusive experiences as the situation changes with the Covid19 outbreak. If you would like to develop a unique activity that could make a positive impact to your company at this time, feel free to get in touch and we will do our best to find you a creative and beneficial solution.

Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 16 November, 2020

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