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Many people quit within their first month of a new job because they were never properly onboarded. The reality of the job didn’t quite live up to their dreams.

Now that you have successfully completed a thorough recruiting process and have hired extraordinary new talent to power your company mission, it’s time to kick off your stella onboarding strategy to ensure your new employees feel welcome, but also to help them gel with the existing team faster.

Part of your onboarding process should be highly focused on helping new hires build relationships and feel a part of your community within the company. This will build trust and camaraderie among your team and will help with employee retention.

Here are 10 team building activity ideas you can use during or shortly after orientation to help your new employees get acquainted with their colleagues and make sure your new hires are happy in their work environment.

The sooner a new employee feels personally satisfied, the sooner they can focus on their tasks, serving customers and reaching wider company goals.

1.) Eden

Raise environmental awareness with this innovative team event.

Eden is often described as one of the most ingenious team building events available. The game is based on teams striving for success while having to be aware of the impact their decisions have on those around them.

Teams arrive at base camp, where they are challenged with building the ultimate sustainable community. There are numerous variations, typical to real life, which teams must work with in order for their community to survive. Learn More

2.) Hells Bells

Hanging on a fictitious story of delightfulness, heroism and wickedness, your team has to unravel the logic and then weave together the results of the multitude of tasks in order to find the answer to a single question…

“On what day, at what hour did the rescue happen?”

Immerse yourselves into this fascinating world of high adventure to discover how real teamwork can solve even the trickiest of tasks! Learn More

3.) Game of Kings

The most amazing life size board game you will play.

Imagine the world’s biggest board game, packed full of creative challenges where you are the players. Welcome to Game of Kings. In this Game of Thrones style event, teams arrive in the unconquered land of Kudos where they are divided into tribes.

The objective of the game is for each tribe to gain ownership of as much land as possible to grow and develop the dominant kingdom of Kudos. Learn More

4.) Crystal Challenge

Jump into the Crystal Dome and catch the fluttering foils! This immersive in-person event will bring back good memories of the famous TV programme.

Take on sophisticated and intelligent puzzles and challenges themed to each game zone. They have been expertly conceived and lovingly hand-crafted creating a series of challenges that will impress your delegates. Every time.

Now it is your turn to take on the challenges and be the star of the show! Learn More

5.) Trading Wars

Enjoy all the thrills, spills and competitive energy inspired by the famous London Stock Exchange!

The profit you make from trading is used to acquire materials and resources to build your company skyscraper in the heart of the city.

Teams keep a dedicated eye on rise and fall of commodity prices and materials costs before they race to buy, sell and haggle with each other. Get ready to enter a world of high stakes trading to succeed and become the big city rollers. Learn More

6.) Da Vinci Code

🕵️Turn your team into expert investigators as you attempt to unravel the mystery of the famous Da Vinci Code!

You are called to a tragic scene in a museum where you receive details on the brutal murder of the museum’s curator.

Your task, after hearing a recording of the last words of the victim …is to unravel the mystery. Learn More

7.) Beat the Clock

With limited time and 101 tasks to complete, each with varying levels of difficulty to choose from….

Which team can accomplish the most and beat the clock to win the game?

This is a high energy, easy to grasp, fast-paced game that anyone can engage with. Learn More

8.) Roman Races

Inspired by the chariot races depicted in the epic film Ben Hur, this is your chance to become charioteers and experience the excitement, thrills and spills of the Roman Races! Pedal go-karts have been converted into trotting horses! A fantastic spectacle as they race around the track.

When the Emporium opens, each team can buy all manner of creative items and materials to bring their horse to life. The best looking beast takes pole position on the starting grid.  Tension is high before the presiding Emperor drops his hand to start the race. Learn More

9.) Around the World in 80 Ways

Pack your proverbial bag, it’s time to travel “Around The World In 80 Ways”! For those of you who are craving adventure, hop on board our virtual hot air balloon and join us on a quest to help find the missing Professor Fogg!

Each team is placed into a breakout room and is shown our virtual game board on their screen. Using a mobile device they travel the world to famous landmarks. At each stopover, they will be challenged with riddles, conundrums and tasks, all of which will release ‘cardinal points’ to find Professor Fogg and clues as to the password required to travel to the next continent on the map. Learn More

10.) Our Survey Says

This live gameshow experience inspired by the TV show “Family Fortunes”, is guaranteed to give your team an entertaining and uplifting experience every time. Our professional hosts will entertain your guests and ensure a highly interactive session, encouraging banter between participants and injecting humour.

The team that wins the “fastest finger first” question chooses to play or pass. The team in play then works together in their team ‘family’ to try to match all the answers from the given survey questions. Learn More

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Written by Ben Parkinson

Published on 15 February, 2022

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